Size Chart

Ensure Perfect Fitting Dance Clothes With Our Size Chart


Size chart images are located at the end of each product gallery to better aid you with that specific item and below as well.

Tips On How To Measure Dance Clothes

-chest: a full circumference of the largest part of the bust. Beginning from one apex point until you return to it.

-waist: the smallest part of the torso. Typically lies right above the belly button. A full circumference.

-hips: the largest part of the rear. A full circumference. This typically tends to be a little lower than the center of the bottom. Make sure your legs are closed during this process so as to not alter the measurement.

-girth: begin at the high point shoulder. This is the crease where the neck meets the shoulder. From there proceed to the front of the torso down and in between the legs, up the back of the torso and meet your start point. Make sure your legs are closed for the final measurement. Don’t pull on the tape to tight or leave too loose as to create sizing issues for the torso. This is an important size for leotards and for two piece sets when you are in between sizes.

If you need assistance with our dance clothes, we are happy to help, just contact us at or call 786-701-2247. If you are local, you can make an appointment to have you/your child measured in house.