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Opra dancewear about us

Who are we?

Opra Dancewear, a mother & daughter duo working together to bring you the best in dance & active wear. Proudly hand made and manufactured in the USA!

Patricia has over 30 years experience in fashion manufacturing and production with a specialization in spandex and stretch fabrics.

She is an amazing mother to 3 grown kiddos and an avid animal lover! I am Dani and I am the middle child and only daughter... lucky me!

I have a masters degree from the University of Manchester and a wonderful past in competitive dance as a dancer and an award winning choreographer and teacher both in the UK and in the US for over 10 years! I recently stopped teaching to help my momma grow Opra Dancewear and have loved every second of this journey with my family by my side!

How did Opra Dancewear come to start?

My mother, Patricia, began working in fashion merchandising since arriving to the USA from Colombia and as I started competing in dance from a youge age.

I looked no further than to my mom to make me some showstopping costumes for the stage… the dance bug bite hard! My mom, Patricia, has been supplying studios, dance teams, color guard teams, gym enthusiast and independent dancers across South Florida with our dancewear ever since! We were fortunate to celebrate our ten year anniversary in 2020!

I would wear the clothes to dance class and helped with notes on how to make each piece perfect for people who loved to move & sweat while being stylish to catch the attention of the judges.

Opra dancewear about us

I still continue to do so because we want only the best levels of fit, comfort, and style. We are geared to the specific needs of dancers, gymnasts, fitness enthusiast and all who lead an active lifestyle.

And so this dynamic duo began and has sprung into a partnership to continue to bring the dancer in everyone dance and activewear fashion fueled by quality and style!

What does the name Opra mean?

OP’RA Ballet was an innovative and exciting type of ballet introduced in the 18th century & we wanted to make our clothing as innovative and exciting, plus we are both history buffs! OP’RA Ballet offered a selection of dances linked by a common theme, our dancewear showcases a selection of eye-catching and original dance and activewear, and the latest styles for the gym linked by the common theme of style and quality.

What is our goal?

Quality & Style! This is the crossroads where confidence and beauty take over in fashion! We aim to have high standards on the craftsmanship of our product to bring a little luxury and a little love in every stitch!

Often times our customers will email or call saying " her new Opra is her lucky audition outfit"... This is what we call success! It means your dancer felt so confident and comfortable in what they were wearing that they left it all on the dance floor!

It may just seem like clothes to some of you, but we will change your perspectives! Because our dancewear carries the power of love and inspiration in every bit of it!

Lots of love from your Opra Team!


Patricia & Dani