Must-Have Dance Wear & Accessories

All dancers know that their bodies are instruments, and the craft often requires a variety of items- which is why dancers usually lug around those huge bags. Just like a mechanic who finds out he doesn’t have the right wrench, there’s nothing worse than being on a dance job or a dance class and discovering that you are lacking the right tools that you need. It’s important to make sure that your dance bag contains everything you’ll need to be safe, comfortable, and successful in your dance and movement work! No matter if you’re a beginner looking to take a salsa class, doing barre for fitness, or a dance pro, there are certain must-have dance wear and accessories to keep in mind:

From your leotard, to your two piece set, to a ballet skirt or ballroom skirt you can throw over, to the necessary accessories for your dance photos or casting calls! Looking the part is half the battle! What you wear not only encourages you and motivates you, it also puts you into the right state of mind to be successful. If you are killing it in your across the floor, make sure your outfit speaks to you, shows off your lines, and compliments your shape and personality!

Team uniforms, you gotta stay looking clean and fresh! if that means everyone dress in black, pick out an outfit that make you look clean and professional. If your team is trying to stay uniformed, try to contact us for a custom uniform package based on your team's needs. Unitards, shorts, briefs, leggings, tops, leos, jackets, pep rally outfits and more... all suited for your team or company. Get the look that is right for you today with Opra Dancewear!

The right sports bra- The right sports bra is crucial for any activity where there is a lot of movement, especially when it comes to dancing. You want to feel free to do your leaps and jumps without having to worry about anything coming out of place or feeling super constrained. Moreover, you also need to have some beautiful designs so that you are able to feel confident and stylish while hitting the dance floor!