Costumes & Uniforms

Looks for the Whole Studio and Team 

-Looking to customize to a color not listed, email us for the solids color chart. We will happily send you a full list of the solid colors we can customize to that are not listed here.

-Wanting to customize a team uniform to a different fabric, such as velvet, lace, or a foil; contact us for more on this type of customization and costs.

Post your awesome new apparel online on Instagram to show it off and support local businesses! Opra Dancewear is proud to provide customizable dancewear designed to support movement. Call Opra Dancewear today for dance wear Miami residents and dancers love!

We listen to you and design the dance wear or uniform that fit your needs

Let us select designs for you based on your needs or Customize a OPRA style you love!

Contact Us To Book Your Spot Today! #OpraAthletes 




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