Nationals Prep... Here You Come!- Leotards & One Pieces Edition-opradancewear

Nationals Prep... Here You Come!- Leotards & One Pieces Edition

What should you pack for Nationals? Looks that stand out, that radiate your dancers confidence, and can seperate them in a crowd! 


What does that mean?

-Bright Colors

-Flattering Style On Your Dancers Facility

-Variation in Styles that can Mix and Match


When I danced, I had two very clear ideas of how I liked to pack. I either chose a variety of styles that all mix and matched; so maybe I packed four items, but it really made up 8 outfits. That way the day of I could choose what spoke to me. Or, I would choose one style I thought was my lucky style that year and wore it in a variety of colors. That way the teachers would remember my style. 

Now, you don't have to go with either way, but below is a list of styles that I know are SURE to S T A N D | O U T in a room full of talented dancers! 



A good leotard is great for those ballet days and also a great way to stand out in a room full of leggings and two pieces. 

One pieces, like our jumpsuits or bikers, are a sure stand out on strong jazz and contemporary days as well as for audition time. 

Go to pieces we lean towards come Nationals- 

Nina Leo

Avery Biker

Suspender Shorts

Avery Jumpsuit

Candice Leotard

Make It Pop


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