M I A M I | V I C E - The Design Process // The Print Edition \\-opradancewear

M I A M I | V I C E - The Design Process // The Print Edition \\

Get the skinny on our latest collection: M I A M I V I C E

Meet our newest prints & styles & our recommendations for what styles work best for uniforms, dance team auditions, practice, running, convention, stage, & more! 


| T H E | B R E A K D O W N |

Proud to rep the 3-0-5 and all things that make up Miami: Colorful palms and gardens, the infinite green you see when you when you are in a mid or high rise building, the endless honking and traffic at any, yes, ANY time of day. To the crispy croquettas, & all the long and short haired haired goddesses, young & old, that flaunt what their mommas gave them and feel the unspoken social bond, dress code, and need to wear heels when they go out, because let's face it, that's typical of THE MIA. 

Let's start our design process guide with what inspired the whole collection to begin with... colors & prints!

Meet & Greet: Print Edition

O C E A N | D R I V E

     Miami's iconic Ocean Drive is vibrant and colorful. The road lends itself to different streets that divide themselves up to different age and social groups, hotels, bars, condominiums, private & public beaches, & our very colorful Miami personalities; the old man in the neon green high waisted speedo, the queens of The Palace lipsyncing and stopping traffic as they perform their routines, the music lovers and brunchers of Nikki Beach, The Surfcomber, Fat Tuesdays, endless club promoters, & the excited tourist taking their epic mermaid beach pics for the gram.

     Take a stroll or a drive, but you won't deny the white sandy beaches, beautiful Miami Blue waters, and of course the hustle & bustle that is Miami Beach! Below you'll see our Mela Leo & Zoey Top in our new Ocean Drive print; totally Miami & that's just how we LOVE it!

Mela Leo


Zoey Top



P I N K | P A L M S

    You can't always appreciate it from ground level, but get on up 4 stories or higher and Miami is a sea of green! Palms E V E R Y W H E R E! Not to mention our epic red, purple, & pink sunrise & sunsets! 

     This is what inspired our Pink Palms print! A combination of two of our favorite colors; red & peach to an abstract palm design! Very representative our our fiery personalities found throughout the city & it's natural beauty!

   Plus these colors look great on any skin tone! So for all of you who live in that golden tan & the beautiful shades of chocolate; dark, milk, & white, these color combinations will look phenomenal on you during any season!

    See for yourself in our different & new styles below!

Cami Top 

Edge Brief

 Iris Jumpsuit

Tri Top



Zoey Top

The Royal Top


C O L L I N S | A V E 

      Collins Avenue! Awesome local hot spots & yummy sub shops, sushi, & more! Many residents call this avenue home & it is home to many 5 star hotels, restaurants, night clubs, & more! Needless to say... it's hustling, bustling, loud, vibrant, & B E A U T I F U L ! Hence our latest print!

Kiki Top

Tri Top

Edge Brief

Cami Top

Royal Top


Zoey Top


Stay tuned for more insight on our design process and how we unfolded our latest collection! We'll take you through our steps, sketches, & what we recommend for all of your life's activities: dance team, competition, stage, your daily jog, yoga practice, & all of life's sweaty in betweens!


Much Love from your true blood Miami Girl!


Opra Dancewear Lead Designer 

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