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Why We Love Kids Ballroom Dancing!

Getting your children involved in extracurricular activities is one of the best things you can do, especially right now. With the hit of covid, most of the usual schedules, routines and activities for children ground to a halt for a while. One of these activities, kids ballroom dancing, was a much beloved and favorite pastime for children and their parents alike. Here in Miami, Opra Dancewear is the dance clothing store near you with the latest selection of ballroom and other dancing wear around.

Social Skills Today

You may already see it happening with your child, but in today’s world, technology and “talking without talking” is seemingly taking over all communication. Between texting, DMing, and a myriad of phone apps, children are physically interacting with their peers less and less, leading to the possibility of losing some valuable social skills. Combine that with learning from home and limited extracurricular activities, and your child may see a lot of social opportunities from a negative standpoint. When kids start to struggle interacting with their peers, they may end up avoiding all social gatherings which may help to be the key in gaining and strengthening those social skills further. If your child is a natural wallflower, giving them the possibility and chance to form friendships and better social skills through ballroom dancing can open up a world of possibilities for them. Being able to be in close contact with others while learning a specific skill can set your child up for success in the social world, all with the words, “Would you care to dance?”

Kids Ballroom Dancing

Besides the social aspects of dancing, there are many other benefits to having your child learn these skills. Obviously the physical exercise is always a plus, and getting children to stay moving in today’s world is especially difficult with distractions of cell phones and video games. It’s crucial for kids to get daily exercise and dancing lends itself well to less impact movements while also building some muscle strength, improving hand-eye coordination and reflexes. It can also promote great posture, poise, coordination and builds a better core strength and flexibility. If your child dislikes having to move around or get daily exercise without a distraction, dancing is an ideal cardiovascular workout that doesn’t feel like a workout, leaving your child to learn a skill and get fit without even thinking about it. Even more obvious than the physical exercise of dancing is the learning of the dance movements and skills. This is an exceptional capability to have, especially at a younger age, as it shows maturity and responsibility through learning and sometimes mastering the skills necessary to successfully ballroom dance. 

Along with the same line of building social dexterity, if your child doesn’t feel like they belong in a lot of school activities, like football, softball, or the glee club, dancing is another exceptional way to help them. Learning to dance and build that confidence in your child assists them in the real world of school, where it’s easy to feel inadequate if you don’t fit the necessary “cliques”. You don’t want to force your child into a club or activity just to belong or to gain the expertise of something they may not carry on later down the road if the spark isn’t there. Letting them pick an activity such as dancing supports that confidence for them to either continue in this activity or to reach out to other groups of students and join in on the reindeer games with conviction. 

Making The Right Choice

No matter what, letting your child pick the extracurricular activities they crave will leave them learning the necessary fundamentals of life, whether it be confidence, expertise, patience, exercise or friendship, ballroom dancing is a sure win for all categories. You may be itching to search for a dance clothing store near me for the perfect outfits, but make sure your child is ready for such an undertaking. Playing to your child’s strengths already and allowing them to change courses throughout the years will keep both you and your child happy. 

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