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View Our New Products & Gift Ideas For Mom!

This year, we’re all spending Mother’s Day inside. While it might not be exactly how we wanted to spend it, there are still plenty of ways to make the day special, and plenty of gift ideas for mom out there! Opra Dancewear is more than just a “dance clothing store near me”: we provide Miami with a community of family friendly products and values, encouraging you to expand your confidence. And moms usually play a big part in this confidence boost. So let’s take this Sunday to thank mom with an amazing gift and an unforgettable day inside! Shop now.

Mother’s Day Inside

It’s no secret that this Mother’s Day will be different than other Mother’s Days. Many people like to celebrate by going to the beach, or a restaurant, or a botanical garden. This year however, with social distancing in place, we’re mostly going to have to spend the day inside. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t make it special! Opra Dancewear has come with a few fun family activities to do this Sunday with mom!

Our first suggestion is a Living Room Dance Party! Whether it’s everyone together going at it freestyle, or part of your Mother’s Day gift is the little dancers in your family creating a special routine recital just for mom, any Dance Mom will love this activity!

You can also start out the day with a classic homemade brunch, just for mom, and end the night with a session of family board games or even crafting time!

We’re sure that whatever you do mom will just be happy to spend time with her family!

Gift Ideas For Mom

When people discover Opra, they discover much more than the “dance clothing store near me” they were looking for; they find a store that is all about family and community. That’s why we’ve now got a few options for Mother’s Day gifts that she’s sure to love!

A Customized Blanket

Any Dance Mom out there will love to cuddle up with this supper comfy, super sweet customizable blanket, where you can place your very own picture. She'll love this thoughtful gift and constant reminder of her loved ones!

Fashionable Face Masks

With the state beginning to reopen, there's no one more cautious than moms. Make going out a little bit brighter with one of our fashionable face masks! We've got tons of designs, so you're sure to find the one that fits her personality!

“Blooming Hope” T-Shirt

So often, mothers provide us with a sense of hope and encouragement that we all need now more than ever. Give some of that hope back with our beautiful “Blooming Hope” t-shirt. Not only is it a thought gesture of appreciation towards mom, we’re also donating a portion of the proceeds of every shirt sold to help out first line responders!

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Opra Dancewear is a dance clothing store near me, but we are also a community. We provide Miami dancers the highest quality, most comfortable, most stylish dancewear. This year, we’re also providing gift ideas for mom for her special day on Sunday! Be prepared and get shopping now!

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