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4 Reasons It’s Important To Keep Dancing (From a Dancewear Store)

With millions of people currently isolated in their homes due to COVID, it’s important to remember the psychological toll that loneliness and alienation can cause an individual over time. There are many ways to occupy one's mind and body through exercise, a new hobby, or bingeing Netflix, but don’t forget about the therapeutic power of dancing. Dance movement accompanied with music can be a powerful antidote to depression and anxiety. Dancing can invoke positive emotions and memories and provoke healing by the subsequent release of endorphins in the brain. At Opra Dancewear in Miami, we fully endorse the power and majesty of dance, even if it’s conducted in the privacy of your home. Our dancewear store specializes in all the equipment you need for kids or adults, from leotards to slippers. Read on to learn about the importance of dance in these troubled times!

Dancing Inspires Creativity 

Just like your muscles atrophy if you live a sedentary lifestyle, your imagination will wither as well without stimulation and exercise. When you dance, there are no rules. You can learn a popular dance that has taken the culture by storm or make up your own set of moves. Even if you have never taken a dance class or visited a dancewear store in your life, happiness can still be cultivated by the simple act of wiggling around to the sound of music. The possibilities are endless!

Dancing is Great Exercise 

Not only is dancing good for the imagination, it’s also a great way to lose weight and stay healthy! Especially during the era of working from home and quarantine, physical exertion is something that should not be overlooked. Dancing is peerless in cardiovascular benefits as well as the added benefit of increased motor function. Feel free to incorporate stretching and breathing exercises to strengthen your muscles and flexibility. If your mobility is limited, that’s okay too. You can modify a dance to only move the parts of your body that can handle it. 

Dancing Relieves Stress

Routine exercise and creative expression are both useful in limiting stress. It’s no surprise dancing is a great stress reliever as well. If you’re stuck home with your kids and feeling particularly stressed feel free to break out the leotard and relieve some of the emotional and physical burden of parenthood. For added benefit, make the children join with you and get some of their built up energy and stress out as well. Dancing is a perfect therapeutic activity for the whole family!

Dancing Improves Your Confidence

Like all other skills, the more you practice the better you’ll get. The same goes for dancing. Even if you were cursed with the proverbial “two left feet” you can still get better with daily practice and thus improve your confidence and sense of accomplishment. Maybe with enough experience you’ll eventually decide to visit your local dancewear store and invest in a leotard and dance ribbon for yourself and the kids!

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Humans have expressed themselves with dance for thousands of years. Not only is it a spiritual and deeply emotional practice, it’s also great exercise and a natural stress reliever. At Opra Dancewear, we encourage daily dancing for therapeutic purposes and overall mental health. Contact our Miami store today for more information on products and quality dancewear. Bring the kids, too!

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