Opra Dancewear is the designer dancewear that suits your dancewear store near me needs. Customized dancewear and ready to wear dancewear perfect for conventions, dance class, and competitions

Check Out Our Stylish Tops For Dance or Working Out

Dancing can be an excellent and enjoyable workout for anyone, as well as providing an environment to express yourself in ways you couldn’t before. One of the biggest struggles many dancers will face is finding quality dancewear to show off during their routines -- or even to practice in. At Opra Dancewear, we provide quality dance tops, bottoms, outfits, and accessories for men and women alike. We’re located in Miami, but ship anywhere in the US and offer free shipping on orders over $100.

Your Search for a “Dance Clothing Store Near Me” Ends Here!

When dancers are searching for new tops and bottoms, they’re looking for five main things -- comfortability, flexibility, durability, style, and breathable technology. These are all equally as important, but it seems to be extremely difficult for dancers to find all five of these qualities in the same product.

Opra Dancewear utilizes quality materials and fabric when designing our dance clothing. We consider all five qualities to provide our customers with comfortable dance outfits that withstand the normal wear and tear experienced during intense workouts and routines.

Quality & Elegant Dance Tops for Men and Women

We hold an extensive collection of tops designed for both men and women, which we’ll detail some of the bestsellers below. You can reach out to us or set up an appointment with us if you have any questions about our products. 

  • Tri Top - This top has a tri-shaped front with exciting loops in the back and made out of compression tricot. We offer seven different colors, with the added ability to customize the color.
  • Zoey Top - This unique and stylish top is one of Opra Dancewear’s top-rated products and is also made out of compression tricot and full-lining. If you want a vibrant top to match your personality, this is definitely the one.
  • Emma Top - Made out of compression tricot, power mesh, and lining, the Emma Top is designed to be show-ready with the added versatility to enhance the outfit with other accessories, skirts, and briefs. 
  • Royal Top - Another unique and stylish design that some refer to as the sister version of the Zoey Top. It’s inspired by the beautiful architecture we see throughout the city of Miami. 

That’s not all we offer at Opra Dancewear. We have over a dozen more tops for dancers. Our Adam Tank and Daniel Tank are popular among men, giving them enough mesh to breathe comfortably during a workout or routine. There’s a reason most people’s search for a “dance clothing store near me” typically ends once they visit our shop.

We even offer briefs, skirts, dresses, uniforms, and costumes to give you the most elegant look during practice and shows. 

We’ll Be Your Trusted “Dance Clothing Store Near Me”

At Opra Dancewear, we know how important quality, durability, and elegance is when selecting dance clothing that fits your personality. Not only do we offer that, but we give you the added ability to choose your color from a color wheel -- outside of our default colors. 

If you’re looking for dance tops and bottoms you can trust, you need to check out our exclusive collection at Opra Dancewear. We have a boutique in Tampa, but our online store provides dance clothing to people all over the US and Canada. Contact us today if you have any questions or want to put in a custom order -- we can’t wait to speak with you!

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