Join Us For The Opra Dancewear 10th Anniversary!-opradancewear

Join Us For The Opra Dancewear 10th Anniversary!

Since we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary on July 29, we have some events and sales to celebrate throughout July. Here at Opra Dancewear, our Miami dance store offers fashion-fueled dancewear for girls, boys, men, and women alike. All dancers know that their bodies are instruments—one of the problems with dancewear and finding quality styles to show off during their routines. Opra Dancewear hopes to solve that problem by offering stylish outfits, leotards for women, tops, bottoms, mens’ clothing, and more. Many of our products are worn by fitness enthusiasts, gymnasts, and anyone who needs the flexibility dancewear offers. 

The Dance Store Miami Dancers Love!

We were created by a mother-daughter duo who sought to produce the best dancewear. All products in our store are made in the USA. 

OP’RA Ballet was a form of ballet that came about during the 18th century, when then inspired many Opra Dancewear. OP’RA Ballet provided dancers with a selection of various dances that had a common theme. Therefore Opra Dancewear holds a variety of original activewear and dancewear combining trendy styles for gym activities while keeping quality and style in mind.

Our products are about more than just stylish dance clothes. They are about adhering to individual needs, styles, unique body shapes, and inclusivity all around.

Our History 

For decades, mother Patricia worked in fashion merchandising before Daniela, her daughter, got into dance. Patricia had excellent knowledge of dancewear and thus began designing costumes for her daughter. 

This started a fantastic business for Patricia. She began receiving orders from all over Florida. She supplies for dance teams, studios, gym enthusiasts, color guard teams, and independent dancers all over South Florida.

Daniela was a massive part of the business, gathering notes and information from her classmates while she attended classes. Daniela tests all of Patricia’s pieces.

We offer a variety of dancewear pieces, including, but not limited to, leotards for women.

Sales This Month

Some of our popular items this month have been our minimal mesh shorts, available now in three colors and many sizes, including blues and black. They are high-waisted and come with briefs inside them. 

We also have our Limited Edition Kira X Minimal Summer Stripes for sale. There are only three left, so act quickly!

We also have Limited Edition Giselle Leo leotards for women for sale. It is a limited edition summer favorite, available in summer colors like turquoise, peach, and a shade called tropics. They are limited in sizes and colors, as well.

Other featured items include Kira tops, which are small and strappy, and Zara tops. Zara tops are a new favorite. They include mock sleeves, boat neck, and a gorgeous open back with strap details. 

Caged Biker Shorts come with a gorgeous double waistband at a high length to cinch in the waist, and you can fold it down. Tri Tops have been updated to contain a thicker chest band for a slimming effect, with a softer and smaller elastic to provide extra comfort.

Contact Us

Opra Dancewear is a dancewear brand in Miami, always looking for new customers to impress. Call or visit us today!

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