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New Dance Leotards & Outfits Coming to a Stage Near You!

If you’re a dance mom, you know conventions are coming right around the corner. Studios are getting ready to hit the road and bring all their talented dancers with them, for a riveting and entertaining weekend. Do you have all the accessories and outfits already picked out? Wishing for more styles? The wait is over! Opra Dancewear has released some amazing new dance leotards, skirts, shorts and tops that are going to make a smash on the dance scene. Read on to find out more and where in Miami you can snag a few outfits before you hit the road, avoiding a search for a dance clothing store near me.

First Impressions

Dance conventions, for you and your child, can be nerve-wracking but also super rewarding. It’s a chance for your child to show off and have fun on top of the stage, whether it’s for a class, to compete or participate in auditions. Choreographers and dancers from all over can be at these conventions, so it’s important to make great first impressions with everyone you meet. And that can include your dance wear!

The usual boy shorts and bra tops can always be your go-to if you know your child is going to get extra hot while performing onstage. Both offer your child the chance to cool off, as well as stand out from the crowd. Having one of them brightly colored will help attract people’s eyes toward you, and stay there while you shine on stage. 

Dance Leotards & New Styles

If you’re looking to rev up your outfits for the weekend and really catch some eyes, you’re going to want to see Opra Dancewear’s new outfits! Our new line of leos as well as skirts and tops will leave you wanting more. No more searches for a dance clothing store near me, as we are your one stop shop. 

Opra has a new minimalist leo, a gold and white classic look with just a touch of modern minimalist edge. Our Luna leo combines a classic high neck leo with a gorgeous colorblock of a white base with an elegant black lace accent. The luccia and sofi leos are also big hits and sure to keep everyone trained on you while you take the stage!

During auditions or the ballroom and ballet dance classes, you may want a spark, a little more zest to your child’s outfit. Here comes our ballroom diva and prima skirts! They are literally designed with convention dance classes in mind! They can be worn over your child’s dance outfit and can easily slip on and off throughout the entire weekend, so you’re always covered for a quick outfit change. And with the option of either a ballroom or a prima skirt, whichever genre you end up with you have a skirt to flaunt. 

And if you still want the classic bra tops and boy shorts, Opra Dancewear has new designs in those categories as well! Our bonita top is quickly gaining speed as a favorite among the dancers. The bonita top is a spandex and poly blend crop top with an eye-catching open back and strap details. You can grab this great top in either black or our exclusive ribbed sky print. Our kiki top offers new colors and prints, and our bella top, which has cute ruffles in the back and has quickly become the favorite of the season. The bella top is available in red, peach, and orange but only while supplies last!     

For shorts, our caged biker shorts offer a high waisted, double waistband so you can cinch it up or roll it down to cool off in the summer months. Available in black and royal blue, these matching mesh shorts are a great convention wear as well as a great couch wear! The minimal mesh shorts are a great class or audition short as they offer great protection but also offer a little more breathability, in case you don’t want to show off as much skin as a pair of boy shorts. They come in black, Miami blue, red and jade, but don’t wait as these comfy shorts won’t last long!

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If you’re sick of searching for a dance clothing store near me, and want quality, comfortable dance gear for you and your child, Opra Dancewear in Miami is for you! Our wide range of dance leotards as well as new products will help you get the look you want this convention season. Check us out today!  

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