How Dance Class For Kids Stimulates The Brain

In today’s technological world, it’s hard to ensure your children are getting the exercise and mental stimulation they need, without being attached to a screen. Dance class for kids can help them not only get daily exercise, but also stimulate their brains in a positive way. Opra Dancewear in Miami, Florida, can help you snag leotards for kids before the first dance class, too.

Developing Brains

For a healthy brain to develop properly, both sides of the brain must be active and work together to correctly thrive and mature. And the critical development period for this is early childhood, meaning your kids need to be stretching both sides of the brain to fully reach their cognitive learning as they age. The left side of the brain is responsible for organizing logical skills and language, while the right side favors feelings and creativity. Children learning to dance get the added benefit of using both sides of the brain together, increasing their memory and communication. 

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, only one in three children are physically active every day. It is crucial for children to develop not only mentally but physically as well. Early childhood requires movement throughout the day, while once children reach the age of six, their exercise should be at least an hour a day of fairly strenuous activity. Not getting enough exercise can lead to many debilitating medical concerns down the road, like diabetes and weight issues. Your child’s body is also growing and developing during this time, so it’s important for their body’s bones and organs to move and function properly through regular daily activity. Getting your children involved in some sort of physical activity, especially dance, will help them build not only their brains, but also their bodies.  

Dance Class For Kids

Learning a skill that requires constant, changing movement along with remembering certain moves is a great way for your child to get physically and mentally fit. Having to remember how to do the dance while performing it definitely challenges the brain. Dancing requires your child to focus on moving consistently and recalling dance patterns and moves to keep up with the flow of the routine. Dancing can also improve your child’s mood, and help them express their feelings in a more positive, creative way. A lot of research has been conducted on the advantages of dance, and one by The Arts in Psychotherapy, agrees that an abundance of mood-boosting chemicals are released into the body while you dance. This can help lower any anxiety and stress levels and even depression. Learning to dance encourages children to become more creative and express themselves in a variety of ways. It can build their creativity and imagination up, while also allowing them to express it in easier ways. This helps children learn to build trust and effective relationships, and how to think critically. Early childhood is already a peak learning period for creativity, so why not nurture it in a positive, expressive environment?       

Staying Active

Children need you to set a good example of how and why to stay active so they will want to get moving without being told to. With social media and cell phone usage only increasing, it’s critical to make sure your children are getting out and working both their mental and physical strength on a daily basis. Dancing can help your children accomplish both physical and mental stimulation and keep their creativity peaked. 

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