Break the floor Productions

Break The Floor Productions

Break the floor Productions

It was founded by Gil Stroming (Tap Dancer) in 1999, and today it is one of the most important dance companies in the world, encompassing traveling theater productions, dance workshops, photo and video production, corporate clothing events, real estate production rental studios, software development and virtual online dance training.

Break The Floor is largely responsible for the transformation of dance training.

In 1999 Break The Floor produced its first tap workshop with just 100 tap dancers. Gil collaborated with choreographer Mia Michaels on a contemporary dance event called Mia Live: The Work of Mia Michaels.

Building on the success of these events in 2003, Gil and some of America's best choreographers, JUMP redefined dance events by creating a dance workshop with a live band, live singers, live video team, and set. multimedia. JUMP toured the country quickly gaining a following, with a commitment to creativity and constant growth. At the Broadway shows at the Hudson Theater, a world-renowned rock n 'roll venue Hammerstein Ballroom, the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles and the six thousand-seat Radio City Music Hall in NYC, JUMP sold out.

He collaborated with choreographer Dee Capary on The Shoot, a pure dance music video filmed at Universal Studios Hollywood.

In 2004 he brought the announcement with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, this same key being in a new tap show called SLIDE choreographed by tap star Mike Minery, taking his exhibition to many off-Broadway theaters and even The Supper Club, New World. Stages and The Variety Arts Theater.


In 2007 Breack The Floor launched another tour called NUVO, being led by industry veteran Ray Leeper.

After NUVO I watched 24 Seven Dance Convetion, another popular dance convention on the circuit.

The Dance Awards

In 2009, Gil created a national finals event that served as the culmination of three tours named The Dance Awards.

The Dance Awards are considered the most competitive, largest and most prestigious dance event in the nation.

Break The Floor in 2009, an annual event called Dance Teacher was also launched, focused on continuing education for dance teachers, business training techniques, and a large dance vendor exhibition.

In 2014 a summer dance festival was launched, which was called DancerPalooza presented by So Danca. Incorporating week-long dance intensives, weekend dance classes, a giant showroom, and professional theater productions. Thus achieving that DancerPalloza became the largest dance festival in America.

Break The Floor Productions is constantly looking to provide career opportunities for professional dancers that led to their production of live theatrical events.

Break the Floor Productions has produced several tours of Travis Wall Dance Reimagined's Shaping Sound and After the Curtain.

Additionally, Break The Floor Productions recently produced Al Blackstone's Freddie Falls in Love dance show at the iconic Joyce Theater in New York City.

As a way to nurture emerging choreographers, Break The Floor Productions partnered with is Capezio to start the prestigious Capezio A.C.E.

Presenting each year awards for outstanding choreography to the best choreographers of the future with an award that includes the opportunity for choreographers to have their own show at the new multi-night performance event MOVES in Montalbán at the historic Ricardo Montalbán Theater in Los Angeles.

It is truly innovative software developed in 2019 by Break The Floor, combining targeted scores, video tutorials, data analysis, and judge training for all of our competitive events.

Recently Break The Floor launched the world's first virtual dance convention called Break The Floor Live. Making it easy for dancers from around the world to participate in Break The Floor in the comfort of their own homes and dance studios.


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