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Artistic Dance Exchange Convention

ADE provides a comfortable, supportive and safe environment for dancers to showcase their talents. Also each routine receives its constructive criticism in audio and video, from the teachers and judges of ADE making it increase their skills and their professional level.

Artistic Dance Exchange is a dance convention and competition in the United States and also offers great INTERNATIONAL exchange scholarships. The ADE convention is for dancers of different levels. ADE creates a great opportunity for dancers to exchange ideas, concepts and visions in the evolution of the performing arts and dance.

What ADE offers is unique and unmatched, as it is the only convention that provides the opportunity to travel abroad and perform at international dance festivals. Associated countries include Spain, Italy and China.

ADE has a great team, made up of elite teachers from the east and west coast. The teaching staff is part of the competition circuit and the entertainment community, with credits including professional dance companies, television shows, international pop figures, and Broadway shows.

ADE belief is that all dancers including the young and future should be exposed to all environments of dance and performance, thus experiencing a world much more intriguing than the world of competition.

For this year 2021 there are only two conventions left, as they are on November 5-7 in Jacksonville Florida and on December 10-12 in Kansas City Missouri.

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