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Recital around the corner, your last conventions or regionals of the year quickly approaching, & Nationals on the horizon! A new season will be here before you know it!

What an exciting and very busy time of the year! The question is.... Are you ready?

Have you started planning your Nationals outfits?

Did you want something customized, a real stand apart from the crowd look? 

Is your team ready to upgrade their uniforms?

We can help you out! We have created a mind map to help you narrow down what you need, what you have, & what you want to keep you motivated to move and dress inspired this summer!


Opra Dancewear National Intensives and Audition Ready Mind Map


T H E | B R E A K D O W N |  


Nationals Wish List & all the items we know you need & L O V E to have!

1. A Outfit For Every Day

Nationals days are filled with long hours and many fun and exciting classes. Each one is like an audition for special awards and scholarships. Make sure you have an outfit for everyday. Make it special and make sure you feel motivated to move and dress inspired! Feeling confident in what you wear is a huge factor on how you feel while you move.

Ask yourself "Is my outfit restricting or motivating me to push harder in my class?"

Make sure you have colors that bring out your eyes and compliment your skin tone and hair tone. A fun print or a cool design style is always a plus! Before you know it you'll be getting called out "Can I see the girl in the cool Unitard?"Give your confidence a boost & shop with time. That way you can make customized outfits if you want. Which brings me to my next point...


2. Customized Audition Outfit

There is that one special day in which auditions are held.... make sure you

S T A N D O U T !

We all have our favorite neutral color outfit & maybe that's the winner... but really ask yourself... what do most of the kids in my age group wear? I love this color, but everyone is wearing it. Use your favorite color and customize it to an existing design! Use your favorite design and customize it to a color not sold! We can help you come up with ideas and ways to shift your favorites to make sure you are unique and still very much comfortable and love what you're wearing! We can create an exclusive ombre for you, print, or design. Let your imagination have fun... we are here to help you make sure you look and feel your best!



Who doesn't love a good photoshoot?! We all do! And we know how much you love to schedule them during this 1-2 week of fun on your Nationals trip! Make sure you've packed a look that packs a punch on camera! Even if it is just a selfie ;)


4. Pool Ready Looks!

Summer time is pool and beach time! Make sure you've packed some pool ready looks with you! Swim friendly activewear that you can jump right into the water with after class and have a blast are always a plus! 



These two tend to overlap as one usually leads into the next... so keep it simple. 

Have your favorite outfits ready in time so you don't run out of clothes unpacking from Nationals while you prepare for intensives and company auditions. Make sure you have your neutrals ready! 

Black Leotard

Black Top

Black Bottoms

Black Unitard

Keep yourself looking sophisticated and clean. Your lines and facility are your main focus, so make sure your outfit shows off Y O U!

Of course, there are more days than just one in the intensive, so make sure you have all the necessary outfits for all your classes. We recommend bringing two extra outfits with you... because you don't always know what you will be doing and sometimes we change our mind at 6:00am in the morning while getting ready to walk down to class... we are only human!


For all your summer needs, we are here to help! Lots of designs for every style and plenty to come with our new collection! We are fortunate to be able to print our own fabrics, so we can help you customize your looks. Just be sure to book with time... that kind of magic needs it's time to blossom beautifully! 

Now that you're ready for the end of season... let's get moving! Email us at to get started! Shop on or call us at 7867012247!


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