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About Daniela Montoya

Do you want to know more about Daniela? She answered some questions ♥️

Tell me about Daniela and her passion for Dance Wear?

My passion for Dancewear has a deep rooted stem from my childhood. My parents have always manufactured in the clothing industry, so for as long as I can remember I’ve been around seamstresses who taught me how to sew a pencil pouch and would pick me up from school when I was sick.

I would be upstairs with my dog in my mom’s office and hear the sound of cutting machines, and watching pattern makers, and helping count inventory and packing with my grandfather!

The allure towards Dancewear came for my love of dance. I danced competitively growing up, so I’ve literally been in the same situation as my clients, going to conventions and competitions, the endless rehearsals and the studio being my second home.

When I started working for my mom, I was honestly just using the job to fill up free time. I never realized how at home I felt in a factory, but it all started coming so naturally.

I started to take pattern making classes and it all just started flowing. I think I already had such an emotional connection to key elements that it just felt right to be by my moms side and dancewear!

How long have you been working in the Dance Wear industry and what keeps you motivated?

I have been working in the Dancewear and what keeps me motivated is the connection I have made with my clients along the way. Being able to empathize with them and first hand know what they are feeling when they are excited to take a class, for a new solo, go to a convention!

Having been a dance teacher as well gives me a unique insight on knowing what works for the stage, what helps complete the visual story, what elements work for certain genres and steps! I really try and imagine a mini Dani dancing or one of my students and come up with something that makes me say.... “ this is the look! “

Tell me about the inspiration to create those beautiful Dance Wear.

My families ties are from Colombia. We specifically come from a city in a valley. Surrounded by architecture that loves and incorporates nature, all we see is mountains, and the weather is forever spring. I grew up in Miami and if you ever look at Miami from a balcony... all you see is green!

But luckily we have gorgeous beaches and sand and a whole lot of sunshine! So I lean towards colors, lots of blues, white, red, and pops of accents and prints that lend itself to feel tropical and fun!

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