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5 Easy Steps to Buy Dance Wear

Buying Dancewear is very much like buying clothes for a special event. Usually our dance outfits are to bring out our very best qualities so we stand out in a room full of equally talented and stunning dancers! So here are some tips to help you in buying Dancewear that is best for you for convention, auditions, class, and photo shoots!


What style shows off your best features? Want to show off your flexibility? Go for something that accentuates long legs and lines! Go ahead and reach for a leotard! If that’s not your style, head toward something that is tight on the legs and can show off your lines; maybe you’re comfortable in briefs or if that’s not your scene, head straight towards bikers and leggings and pair it with a cute top! Keep the fit close to your body so that your flexibility takes center stage! Do you have control over your body and want to show off your strength? Wear something that is interesting and shows off the strongest parts of your body! Look for a two piece! Don’t be afraid to show your core and arms! Are you a style queen? Keep it simple and true to you, so that your moves can stand out. Most importantly, make sure the style you choose is something you will feel good dancing in! That is key to selecting the right outfit!


Don’t be afraid of some color! Always think of what color will bring out your skin tone, eyes, and hair. Blues bring out brown eyes and hair. Jewel tones really stand out certain skins tones and make you pop in a room, while colder and darker colors bring some warmth to other skin tones. If your skin tone can rock a neon.... do it! Have fun with your color selection, this will help you stand apart from a room full of black leggings and baggy shirts! If you’re headed towards a ballet intensive or audition, always see what color is required for your level. Black is always an elegant choice, but some academy’s and conservatories do ask for different shade of blues, purple, and white!


Ask yourself what type of cuts look good on my body? Do I have short and strong legs? Don’t hide them! Higher cuts will make your legs look longer! If you don’t want to show too much leg; head towards the Mia shorts, minimal mesh shorts or if you’re about the brief life...line briefs, suspend leo, Avril leo, and more! Have a long torso? Head for something high waisted to bring more attention to your arms and legs! Head for our bici shorts, any of our leggings, or lines briefs pair these looks up with a Julie top, Zara top, Kira top, tri top, cami top, or a Zoey top... you can’t go wrong! Or go towards our Suspend Leo and Madonna leo, the geometric cuts distribute the attention so you look and feel your best! Looking for something classic and more conservative without losing style? Luccia Leo, mela leo, Luna leo, and the minimalist are your go to. Keep it simple, but far from basic! Like a high neck... go towards a style that has a mock neck! Like long sleeves, head towards our catwalk top, Sofi leo, and Madonna leo. Like ruffles, Bella top is your girl! Want the strappy look? Cami, Kira, and Kiki are the tops you want to focus on. Like to show off your collar bone? Go for the tri top, Zoey top, and Kiki! Want to keep it clean and simple? Bonita top, tri top, Arianna top, and Julie will help you achieve a classic look without losing style and quality!


Ask yourself... do you like texture? Or do you want a sleeker look? Take notice at layering of fabrics and what you prefer? If you want sleek, head for something that has mesh or just the base. If you want the dimension, go for something that has a layered look, includes lace, netting, mesh, ruffles, ribbed fabric or prints and more cuts in the design. This will help you achieve your desired look.
Have fun and don’t stress! Dance is fun! Don’t let your Dancewear drag you down! Keep it simple... does something speak to you? Try it on! Like a color... go for it! Don’t overthink too much! Don’t worry if 10 girls have the outfit or if everyone is wearing leggings in the room. Does that outfit make you feel your best? Do you feel comfortable? Because when you say yes to these two questions, you won’t worry about what you’re wearing. You focus simply on the task at hand... doing your best in class and doing what you love!
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