Semi Custom Costume Shell Solo/Duo/Trio- NO Embelishment- Booking Depo – opradancewear
Semi Custom Costume Shell Solo/Duo/Trio- NO Embelishment- Booking Deposit

Semi Custom Costume Shell Solo/Duo/Trio- NO Embelishment- Booking Deposit

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Description keyboard_arrow_down

Hi #OpraAthletes! Due to a very high demand we are running our reservations for solo/duo/trio costumes a little differently this year! Please read carefully below before purchasing as this is a FINAL SALE purchase!

What desired date do I choose?
If you compete in October… select September!
The month you select, will be the month we turn in your finalized order!
Example October selected desired due dates. Costumes will be ready to pickup or ship any day of the month.
If you compete JUMP Miami… Select September!
Or your costume will not be ready!

This purchase is non refundable!
All costume purchases are final sale please read the information provided in the description prior to purchasing!
As by purchasing. You agree to theses terms & conditions! If you are having doubts
Contact us 7867012247

What does this purchase provide? keyboard_arrow_down

This purchase is to book and reserve a custom made and embellished solo slot with Opra Dancewear. Select your desired due date month below.

-The purchase of this reservation will act as a credit towards your total balance to your specific solo costume design. This purchase cannot be refunded, cannot be exchanged, or returned. Any and all costume purchases are final sale purchases.

Pricing of Custom Made & Embelleshed Solo Costumes? keyboard_arrow_down

-Semi custom made no embellishments solo/duo/trio costumes start at $120+ per person. Your specific costume will have it's own price determined by various factor as listed below. This deposit for your reservation acts as part or all of your initial deposit that will go towards your costume balance.

-Semi custom made costumes are when we take an existing design and create specific modifications. Modifications to the design include, change of color, change of fabric, and specific modifications can be made depending on the design, such as an adding a skirt, sleeve, mesh legs. We can discuss options by designs this once we have your interview.

-Once you have purchased your reservation, Dani or a Opra representative will be contacting you to begin your costume interview process. Please have your music and a clip of the dance ready to share with us as it aids in the design process. If your choreo starts at a later date, please contact us prior to purchasing to make sure what timeline you should purchase. We will also be reaching out to discuss and get to know you and your dancer a little bit more to make sure the design will cater to their likes, body type, and dance style best.

What is I have more than one solo? What if I am in a duo or trio? keyboard_arrow_down

-For solos, if you have more than one, select the desired quantity.

-If you are doing a duo or trio, each parent can purchases their own booking or assign one parent to book it. If you have a duo or trio, and one dancer has not made their booking and the slots are sold out, please contact us directly to see if we have space in the production timeline to gaurentee your costume by the desired due date and what resolution we can provide for you.

Measurements & Design Overview keyboard_arrow_down

If you are local, we will schedule an appointment to measure your child for the specific costume needs and go over any questions on the design our team will present to you based on the music, clip of the dance, and any information our team gathered based on our initial conversation after your purchase.

If you are not local, we can schedule a zoom call to help you measure your dancer and go over any questions you may have as well.

Please speak up during your appointment, your opinion matters to us. This is the moment where we can create modifications in the design. Once we begin any patternwork and ordering materials, it is too late to create any changes!

Fitting & Alterations keyboard_arrow_down

Once we have all your information ready and designs approved, we begin our part of the costume process to have something ready for your fitting!

If you are local, we schedule an in house appointment. If you are from out of town, we will schedule a virtual fitting.

Some costumes do not require a fitting, on average every costume has one fitting, while others may require two. It truly depends on the design and our relationship with the customer (if we have been costuming you for a while, a fitting is usually not necessary).

During your fitting, speak up! This is the moment that we can create sizing alterations to your costume to make sure it fits you as desired.

Once your fitting is over, any room for alterations is closed. Our team then begins entering the final stages of your costume to turn it in by your desired due date.

Should you require an alteration to a costume that has embellishments, this requires a new costume purchase. It is not because we do not want to help you, but rather it is more costly and time consuming to fix something that is already embellished than to start a new costume. If you have any doubts, contact us, you know we are happy to help our Opra Athletes!

Embellishments keyboard_arrow_down

This booking is for semi custom made costume shells. This means your costume will not have embellishments. It will not include appliques, rhinestones, or any decoration. Should you require a headpiece, please let us know, as this option does not come with a headiece. So sit back, relax, and trust our process dance moms & dads! Let us do our job, we do it with alot of love so everything comes out showing it! Afterall, that is why you are here... because you love our work!

Desired Due Dates & Required Booking Dates keyboard_arrow_down

This specific booking is for costumes with desired due dates in the month of September-April 2021-2022.

If you are unsure if we will meet your desired due date, give us a call or email

What date you should select: If you book a month and compete in that month, we may not have your costume ready in time! The desired due date month is the month we will turn in your order; so please keep that in mind!

EXAMPLE: If you compete in early October- first two weeks, select your desired due date in September!

Desired due date in sepcific months MUST BOOK by certain months!:

  • September/early October MUST BOOK by July 2021
  • late October/November MUST BOOK by August 2021
  • December/January MUST BOOK by September 2021
  • February MUST BOOK by November 2021
  • March MUST BOOK by December 2021
  • April MUST BOOK by January 2022
Methods of Communication keyboard_arrow_down

The only official method of communications for custom made inquiries is email!

It's not because we do not see your IG DM, but rather because we can not search for your specific name, nor remember everyone's handles, or can search for keywords. To keep everything organized and smooth, contact us solely through one nicely organized thread via email.


Subject Line: Dancers Name/ Solo Costume

You can always call us at 7867012247, but the only official method of communication for our record and yours is to email