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It is a feminine garment without sleeves or shoulder straps, it covers the upper part being very tight on the chest.

The Top originated between 1940 - 1950 in the United States, reaching its level of popularity at the end of the year 1970. In the mid-1990s it disappeared from the scene, but from the year 2000 it had a strong reappearance in the wardrobes of American teenagers and young people, especially college girls.

The Halter Neck version includes a single strap, which is passed behind the neck, being joined end to end at the front of the garment.

There are a wide variety of options and types. No matter the season, this short and colorful garment has become a MUST of any wardrobe as soon as the right moment to dance arrives.

A Crop Top is a type of navel top or shirt, that is, a type of top or short shirt for the torso that exposes part of the abdomen and the waist at the navel.

To use Tops and Crop Tops, keep the following in mind:

- The size of the top is very important, that's why at Opra Dancewear we suggest you try different sizes to find out which size best suits your body, since there are currently longer and shorter models.

- Use high-waisted or high-waisted garments to define your waist and silhouette.

- Play with the proportion and balance the upper and lower area of ​​your body with different clothes depending on whether you use a Top or a Crop Top

- Highlight your strengths.

- Experiment and combine with different clothes.

- Define your style and plan your looks.

All this thinking at the time of dancing, allows us to move more easily and comfortably.

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