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Ballet Leotard

This garment is common among dancers and dancers, covering much of the torso and generally part of the torso and is pulled around the shoulders, being this very versatile in practice or performance. At Opra Dancewear we have a wide variety of Leotards of different presentations such as long sleeves or short sleeves, also straps around the shoulders or the back, different styles of chest and back necklines. Leotards is akin to a feminine one-piece swimsuit.

Leotards are mostly worn by girls and women of ballet and other types of dances. Being used as a uniform for dance schools or academies. Leotards are also worn by boys and men, with much less variety in styles and designs as there is less emphasis on fashion.


In many dance and ballet schools, Leotards are part of the girls' uniform, being the same with styles and colors that identify and represent them both in practices and in competitions. Leotards, compared to other more striking options, are simpler but are ideal for the dancer because they are almost always a refined and clean line and do not distract during class.

At Opra Dancewear we have countless varieties, designs, fabric options, and colors for Leotards today. At Opra we design and manufacture Leotards uniforms for dance or ballet school.

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